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Stop form flickering whilst loading controls.

I have a form which loads around 50 separate controls.
Its basically a office floor plan with desks as controls, you can find information about the desk by right clicking etc ….
The office floor loads from information in a database.

As the application loads the controls, you can see jittery flickering which last about 12 seconds.
But if I minimise then maximise the app, the floor has all controls loaded withing 2 seconds and no flicker.

How can I load the controls just as fast without doing the minimise / maximise.
I've tried several things like hiding the floor until the controls have loaded, then make visible but then the process flickering is just suspended until its been made visible.

Is there something I can do ?
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Tried that and it didn't work.
Is there another way in .net to freeze a form whilst loading ?  like you can in vb6 ?
I've changed the way I'm doing this now so the problem has gone away.