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Service Technician Handheld devices

Hi All,
I am looking for some guidance in purchasing Handheld devices for our service technicians.  They must be hardened devices that can withstand a beating field technicians (these are not sales people that are use to taking care of notebooks and cell phones).  I am looking for something that is cell enabled and can run a small windows application.  It also should be able to access the internet using IE.  It needs to have a touch screen and users must be able to submit a signature  via the screen or a signature pad.

Any guidance in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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Any other ideas?  I am looking for something that is used more in the field than by sales managers...  I don't think that would be rugged enough.


not a direct answer but this may expand on your available options,  Unless the field techs have a habit of lobbing the PDAs off roofs. lol.  The rhino skins were sold at my local Microcenter ( I think Compusa carries them also)

oops; look towards the aluminum or titanium covers.  that should give those devices a couple more days of life...

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Have a look at the HP Ipaq range of handhelds. The leading broadband operator in Sri Lanka issues these to their tech crews. I've seen the way that these chaps go about their business and the units sure do take a beating. The device is enclosed within a small box which allows access to the screen and ports but I think that this had been custom made to safe guard the unit.  
Hello Scott,
I was curious which handheld device you chose to go with an how it's working out for you?