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Connection between ADSL Modem Router (Bridge Mode) to VPN Router

Hi everyone,
Recently, I applied for ADSL 1 Fixed IP having a free ADSL Modem Router (Billion BIPAC 5102) with 4 port 10/100 Mpbs. But I need to connect my internal network from the outside, so I bought VPN Router (Linksys RV042). Knowing that I have to turn "Billion" Router to Bridge mode and make "Linksys" as a router instead. So my current network diagram is as follows (still I cannot access to internet):
Internet<==>WAN (Bridge Mode)- "Billion Model: BIPAC 5102 Modem" - LAN Port<==> WAN Port "Linksys Model: RV042" LAN Port <==>Switch at my local network (
(Remark: <==> means connect to...)

I have a bit knowledge on VPN. My understanding is that I should replace at Linksys WAN's side with 1 Fixed public IP that I received from my ISP. But doing so, it will definitely cannot connect to Billion BIPAC' LAN Side which is

What should I do to make internet connection and can use VPN Service from this Linksys router? (I could not ask for more Public IPs from my ISP)

Thak you very much in advance.
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