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Reply messages with small fonts

I have a client that is running outlook 2003. She claims that when she replies to a message and the message pops up the font is incredebly small and she has the font set to 10 PT.  She then increases the font so that she can read and reply to the email but when the person she sends it to receives it the font is huge.  

I've never come across this.  Has anyone else?
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That solution does not work.  That is like the first thing anyone would try doing.
Issue is not the font size, but a view setting in Outlook.  User should simply change the "zoom" setting while editing a reply message (format text --> zoom).  Outlook retains the last zoom setting and applies it to all subsequent messages.  Open a message, click reply, and change zoom to 100% to restore normal behavior.  All messages after that will be set to the same zoom.

Points on this item should be reassigned.  Thanks !