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Help! HELP! SBS 2003 Server freezing for long periods, not accepting connections, etc.

Yesterday I attempted to turn on message indexing ... I told it to do a full index and the machine slowed to a halt for ONE user ... (Outlook couldnt connect, couldnt get to shares, etc) ... Then it slowly started affecting other users ...

I thought it had something to do with the indexing so I looked at the settings and it appeared to be fine (set to use minimal resources) ....

And the machine has done it 3 times now ...

I just turned the power off and back on to get the machine back up ... I looked in the event viewer and see the following error over and over at about the time it dies. The error is in the System area ...

Source: hpt3xx
EventID: 117

The driver for device \Device\scsi\hpt3xx1 detected a port timeout due to prolonged inactivity. All associated busses were reset in an effort to clear the condition.

Can anyone tell me what the problem might be and what to do to fix it? This is killing us.  : (


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I have an Adaptex 1200A Raid controller installed and I went to the device mgr and noticed that it has drivers installed for a Highpoint controller? (HP370 I think or something like that) ...

The server died again do I turned it off and back on .. this time it is hanging on "Applying computer settings" ... I dont know what to do.

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I just forced the Adaptec 1200A driver on the device and hope and pray windows starts when its done ...

This major sucks cause we are not getting mail, cant work, etc ...  : (

WHat do I do if the machine wont boot when it comes back up?
Why did you have to force it?  That's not a good way to try to get something done.

Also, when you say that you told it to do a full text index, where did you do that, in Exchange???  Not a good idea at all!

You're getting totally frustrated because you are doing things without understanding the consequenses of making these changes.  I'd suggest that if you want to play with a server, build another one... and leave your business production server alone!!!

Well ... I had to go to device mgr, click update driver ... and I had to say "let me specify a driver" rather than windows seeing the file in the driver folder that I unzipped. That may not be "forcing" I guess ... and the server seems to be working now ...

I do have one File Replication Service Error in the viewer now ...

EventID: 13568
The file replication service has detected that the replica set "COMAIN SYSTEM VOLUME (SYSVOL SHARE)" is in JRNL_WRAP_ERROR.

Replica root path is :c:\windows \sysvol\domain"
Replica root volume is : "\\.\C:"
A replica set hits JRNL_WRAP_ERROR wgeb tge record that it is trying to read from the NTFS USN journal is not found.

Any suggestions? Am posting another post about the rest of your post ..
Yes, in exchange .. I did the following ...

Exchange System Manager -> Servers -> <server> -> First Storage Group -> Mailbox Store -> Right click and said Create Full Text Index ... Then right clicked and said Start full population.

That was wrong? WHat should I have done?

"You're getting totally frustrated because you are doing things without understanding the consequenses of making these changes" - Your absolutely right. I tend to do things without fully understanding .. but I do THINK I understand so I am not sure how to get around that ... I suppose I should just post before making changes to make sure I am going to do the right thing ....

Thanks for all your help though.
Yes, that's not forcing... if you unzipped a folder Windows doesn't know where to look for it.

As for the error... there could be a number of reasons: is your friend, by the way... :-)

Regarding full text indexing... why did you feel it necessary to enable that on your public folders?  This would be a very good example of when you THINK you understand something.  Unless you have read an article written by someone who is respected for their experience in these subjects... I think it would be wise to not make any ad-hoc configuration changes on your server.  You can find a lot of good resources for SBS at .

The way to get around the problem overall though, if you don't want to use those resources is just what I suggested above... build yourself another SBS, or even better, build a Virtual Server 2005 that you can add an SBS on top of so that you can experiment as you like.  The effort to do that would be far less in the long run than testing on your production server and having to run triage because it blows everything up!

Make sure you network cable is good, did you make it?
It was the driver.

Thanks Jeff.  :-D
Well ... it froze again today  ..... I ended up replacing both IDE cables and that didnt seem to work ... I "removed" one drive and tried to boot, (I have a Adaptec 1200A RAID controller with two drives in a mirror) .. I told it to destroy the mirror but it didnt seem to boot after that ... so I connected the other drive back, it made me rebuild the mirror which took more than an hour ...

Once done it booted and has not frozen since but I have a feeling it will ...

What can I do to make sure this doesnt happen again? Part of me wants to replace the drives, cables, and controller to make SURE everything is taken care of .. but I am not sure if that is smart or not? If so, how would I ACTUALLY do that? (Wouldnt a new controller not know about the mirror?) ... Then how would I get the data over to the new drives? Can I use drives of different sizes? For instance, pull one drive out and replace it, rebuild mirror to new drive then pull out the other and replace it, rebuild again?)

I appreciate any help on this, I cant afford for the server to be down for hours in the middle of the day.  : (


Is this a white box machine? or branded?  

Super Micro barebone machine - 1U case with Super Micro Motherboard, floppy and cd. I added the hd's and raid controller. Used to run it as a win 2000 ma chine, never had a problem.

Let me know.

Well win2000 is not SBS 2003.   Sorry, but you need to have a machine that is certified to run SBS2003 if you "cant afford for the server to be down for hours in the middle of the day" is a good place to see what's recommended and approved.

Well ... I didnt even think to look at something like that ... I will have to look at the MB model number tomorrow but if I had to guess I would say that maybe the 1200A is not compatible, I couldnt find it on that list ...

So the question is IF that is the issue HOW do I replace it? I mean how can I remove that card and use another different card? How do I get the drives to work, etc?

I would like to go with an sata card and 2 new nard drives ... what would be the procedure to acomplish that?

Option 2: What if I built a whole new server (probably in that same 1U case) with a new motherboard, new hard drives, etc ... how could/would I get 2003 with all the config over to the new server?

I confirmed by checking with the adaptec site that the 1200A is NOT supported (which is apparently my problem) ...

Could you give me any advice for replacing the card?

I think maybe boot with one drive, destroy the mirror, remove the drive, replace the card, boot with that drive, resetup the mirror on the new card?

Not very confident though, would appreciate any advice.
The link I provided above is about all the advice I can give you on a controller

Thanks.  : )