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Export all to Local Workstation

We are retiring the our Domino server and will not be exporting everything from Domino to exchange,  I have a few users who will be needing their saved emails w/ attachments, the personal folders they created, the to do list, personal address book, and calandar saved.  I would like to know how I can export all this to the local workstation and have it reside on their hard drive, so the user can open Lotus Notes R5 and view the info .  I assume once this is done i have to configure the lotus notes client to look at local workstation instead of accessing the server.  any help would be appreciated.
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create a local the database from the server, go to File->replication->new replica and create the replica locally and save it on the local hard drive.

Then you can configure the current location (File->Mobile->Edit current location) and go to the mail tab. Change mail file location from server to local.
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Just some food for thought...
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One other problem is that the ID file will expire over time, so there will be a time when the documents will no longer be accessible.  The standard expiration is 2 years, but I have seen both more or less time.  

If this is all you need, then the local replica will work.  But if the information is proprietary, then in order to access it after you've retired the server, it will be difficult unless you export to PDF.   Files with attachments, as with Outlook, will become disassociated with the E-mail, so to keep them together might involve still another process.

Just some added thoughts.  

Maybe see:  exchange converter for Lotus Notes?
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ok I did this, then I closed and restarted the Notes client and I get the error message "cannot connect to doclink database".  am I missing something here?
Seems like a database out of reach. Apparently the server is still required, but that can be corrected in the Location document. As soon as the PC is isolated, select the location Island at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (instead of Office).
Is it possible the ACL on the replica is still set to the server along with the "enforce a consistent ACL.." property?   Try creating the replica without copying the ACL.  Also, uncheck the encryption option on the new replica, too.
I appreciate the advice from you guys, a friend fowarded me a lotus/domino connector for Outlook, so once i had the end users setup with outlook and exchange I installed the connector made some new folders in outlook and just dragged and dropped the mesages into their perosonal folders in Outlook, then removed the connector, seemed to work just fine, but some were upset they had to manually input all their personal contacts.    

thanks again,

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