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Small office, computers freeze while trying to browse file system.

Ok this one is stumping me. Here is the situation.
Small office with 4 XP Pro computers, and a server.  The server crashed about a week ago.  I was called in to figure out a problem they are having now, not related to the server.  Everytime 'My Computer' is opened the computer sits there.  When they are in Word and hit open and browse for a file Word freezes.
I had the idea to unplug the lan cable from the system....this worked, the computers started functioning normally.

Now my thoughts were that maybe since the server isn't functioning correctly the computers are trying to access a non-existent mapped drive.  So after I unplugged  the Lan cable I deleted any mapped drives I found and plugged the lan cable back in.....problem is still there.  I also turned off any startup programs that would be trying to access the network, still no help.

I didn't have a huge amount of time to troubleshoot these things.  If you know what might be causing these symptoms please help a fellow IT person out.
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I think you're right with the idea of network drive causing the issue.

Have you tried running this command on the machine with the problem:

NET USE * /d

This will basically disconnects all the network drives and any authenticated shares, etc. Once you've done this, plug the LAN cable back in and try again.

Also, check on the server whether there's a script that maps the network drive upon startup or not. I could be wrong, but any feedbacks will definitely help.
Sorry for double post, also just type NET USE prior to running the command in my last post, mapped drives should show up.
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I will check this theory out on Monday or Tuesday, if it works I will award points then....thanks for input.
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What is your server Operating System... there is no way that anyone can give you any advice without knowing that.

Please advise.

Also, please post a complete IPCONFIG /ALL from both the server and a workstation.