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Intermec Pocket PC 3.0 ftp password setup

I have an Intermec 700C hand-held "PC" and wish to download some data fom it using FTP; PLEASE don't suggest any other methods such as ActiveSync !(Especially ActiveSync).
I can Ping the unit over our wireless network and I can get the login prompt from a remote ftp client machine; asking me for a user name and password ?
Nobody knows the user name or password, how can I configure a username and password on the Intermec 700C so that I can login using FTP ?.
If I navigate to Start->Settings->Password, the display tells me that No Password has been set (this is obviously not where the ftp account password is set)

The unit is running under Microsoft Pocket PC version 3.0.11171 Build 11178

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Are you using Internet Explorer?

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Can you describe your scenario in more detail? If you're coding a solution then I'd suggest you use the Sapphire FTP DLL

Or are you just looking for the right software?

My question relates to setting up passwords on the ftp server of an Intermec 700C hand-held PC ?
I an using the command line ftp client that is part of Windows 2000. The client connects and I get a prompt for username and then password. I need to set up an FTP user name and password on the Intermec 700C.

Hope this clarifies matters ?
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The 700C Intermec devices come with an FTP included with a default username and password that I do not think can be changed.  The username and password is normally noted in the user manual for the device.  The FTP service though can be enabled or disabled on the client device.
to ftp to a handset go to


username: intermec
password: cr52401