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Automate Copying of Files From FTP Site?


What is the easiest way to copy files with modification dates < 7 days old
from a selected folder on a remote FTP site which requires a login and password?

The FTP folder and the destination folder are both running Windows 2003 Server.

I'd like to use a scheduled batch command or vbscript, but my skills aren't that great.

Best Wishes,
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Thanks, but I need to resolve the sevens days old issue.

I can hire some one to write the code, but I need to know what the best way to do it is.
Maybe this should be handled with a VB script?

Thanks! Kristin
No need to hire some here or if I can find out how will try to find a solution.
Hi Trenes,

That's OK, don't worry about it!

Best, Kristin
No probs but I was pissed off about the c grade :-)
That keeps us sharp to help people good, and not to race for points.