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Redirect URL Question

Hello. I am kind of new with the apache thing so please bare with me. I have a domain hosted on a VPS that I have full access to. I have the domain name going to the correct place. However, I have added a second domain name and I need the domain called to go to a subdirectory of domain1. Does this make sense? My directory structure is /home/webadmin/domain1/

So I assume I need an .htaccess file in that subdirectory telling it what to do. Am I correct?

Also, I need it to "mask" the url. In other words, when the user types in it will go the subdirectory of domain1/domain2. However, in the users internet browser it needs to read "". Not "".

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I resolved this on my own. It is to use mod_rewrite in apache. I will give the points to ravenpl though because he is the one only one who posted . Thanks!