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SCSI Drive fubar?

Ive had this 15k seagate cheetah scsi drive in my last 4 systems over the past 4 years. Last week my a/c caused a breaker to trip and everything to turn off including my computer. To my dismay when i turned it back on i could see the scsi drive on the PCI controller but could not boot from it. I threw in a extra IDE drive and installed windows to see if i could see the drive from there.

Nope... I see it in the device manager under disk drives, but it does not show up at all under disk managment.

I then tried the seagate drive tools, they have a "online" browser based diag tool i tried, it was able to see the drive but came back with all kinds of bad sectors. I then put the seagate diag's on a floppy and booted off that. It would not even see the drive that way.

I also tried GetdatabackNTFS (program) but it doesn't even see a drive...

Any ideas? The drive is still under warranty but i would really like my data back, at least some of it.

also... any recommendations on where i could send this drive to for more advanced data recovery?

Thanks guys..
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... Whoops !!   Just took a look on the Gillware site and there's a $200 surcharge for SCSI drives;  so it's not quite as reasonable as I said above.   I presume, however, that there "no recovery, no fee" policy still applies (but I'd call them to confirm that).