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DNS Drops In and Out with heavy traffic.

I have recently reconfigured a Win2000 Server.  It provides DNS on the domain, but, I find that when there are many people using the NET, it drops in and out.  I have configured the Forward Lookup Zone but am unsure if I also need to configure a Reverse Lookup Zone.  Would this be the problem?  Also, would it be an idea to retrieve the old HOSTS file from the old server and copy it to the new one?  Could the problem have something to do with Router (DI-808HV) or the ADSL connection I have?  Are they incapable of handling the traffic?  I am pretty sure it has something to do with my DNS configurations however, but am unsure what?  Simultaneously, I am still able to ping for example, and but am unable to resolve DNS when browsing.  Any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the advice.  

I don't have a DNS Backup Server.  In my Forward Lookup Zone, all the systems on the domain are listed as Type: Hosts.  Previous to this message, I was saving the dns settings to a file, since then, I have migrated to having a AD Integrated DNS.  Could this have been the problem?  

In the Reverse Lookup Zone, the systems in the domain are listed as Type: Pointer.  Is this correct?

This problem is doing my head in, I found that the last time I had the NET go down recently (It hasn't happened since I AD-Integrated the DNS, however, I haven't had high traffic since either), initially, I couldn't ping the IP address of google nor the name, then it started to respond 20 seconds later, but still was unable to access the net. It's times like this I wish I was a plumber.  Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!! I'm hoping there is a easy solution to the problem without having to fork out for new software and system.

I have definitely got a problem when there is high interent usage.  Also, everyone knows that the ISP provide 2 DNS server address.  Is it preffered to use these address to resolve DNS or is it required that my DNS server goes out, downloads the info then resolves when a request is made?  Would this help?