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IP address change

We recently upgraded our DSL service. In doing so, we have a "new" static (public) IP address. We use BellSouth as our service provider (which is PPOE); therefore, the only change to get Internet working was to change the User ID and Password in the Dlink DSL router (Alcatel Speed Touch Home DSL modem) is connected to Dlink router) that we use. Dlink router is attached to external NIC on our SBS 2003 server.

We host our own Exchange Server as part of SBS 2003. I accessed our internet domain host account (we use BellSouth Web Hosting) and changed the MX record to the new IP address. After a few minutes, I checked to see if the change was effective at Indeed the MX record contained the new Static IP address.  We also use MailHop Backup MX from

I made no changes to SBS 2003.

After making the changes, I tried sending an email to our Exchange Server and the message was "bounced" back.

Do I have to make a change to some element of SBS 2003 for it to recognize the new public IP address? We also use OWA to access our email remotely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Go into DNS, Right click go to servers, change the ip addresses to your forwarders to match your isps dns servers.
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Ah..didn't catch receiving i thought u said sending.

I know SBS is very peticular about doing things the wizard way, but in the case with the forwarders it doesn't change anything else but the forwards

daniel go to a pc inside your network. Try to send email to a person internally? does it work?
Go to the user account properties, see if the address is listed of the person for their email
If its not listed you will need to use the wizard to create the reciepent policy for exchange

If you can send internal email
and the email address is correct of the user account

Go to a computer outside of your network and type in

telnet 25 (where domain is your email domain.

You should get a prompt similar to the one displayed below. if you get this then they are not blocking the port. If it works we should look at IIS as a possible problem.

220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 6.0.3790.1830 ready a
t  Sun, 17 Sep 2006 13:57:04 -0700
Any luck on this?
I've confirmed that Bell South does in fact block port 25.

So, I'm fairly sure that is the issue here.

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I'm sorry for not responding......I've just gone through an extended illness with my Mom. I appreciate the value of this resource.