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Profile Provider in ASP.NET 2.0

I am using the Profile Provider in ASP.NET 2.0 to keep track of personal user information.  After having the application running for several months, I viewed the profile table (where all of the information is stored) and it had records recorded which have been there for four months.  

Will this thing grow forever, or will it automatically clean its self after a certain # of records?  It amazes me that 4 month old data is stored in the profile table.  By the way, this table is [dbo].aspnet_Profile table.

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So how should this be managed?  Lets say this site is going for a year, or longer...  Am I suppose to delete records from this table?  Should I maintain it?  Surely microsoft made some type of management tool for this...  How do I know what records to delete?  

If I only have a few hundred users, I would hate for this table to have hundreds of thousands of records built up over a few years...
have you used ASP.NET's Website Administration tool? MENU in Visual Studio --> Website>ASP.NET CONFIRGURATION
>> have you used ASP.NET's Website Administration tool? MENU in Visual Studio --> Website>ASP.NET CONFIRGURATION <<

Yes, I have worked with the admin tool.  What does this have to do with my original question?  Please give details if this is related...
well ignoring the ASP.NET Configuration tool. I have read your question further.  What I would do is this, explain to your users that any account left innactive for over a month will be deleted:

Store their Last Login Time and Date

if the Date NOW is One month later than their last login time, then delete.

you could make this a service running on MS SQL if it is an option for you.  I don't see why it shouldn't as you obviously do not agree with the 4 month time limit.  Decrease the time limit your self and manage in your own bespoke way.  

Microsoft provide you with the tools to achieve what you need and in some, some cases will provide the whole task for you. SOunds like in this circumstance you need to use their tools.


easiest thing is to create a stored procedure to drop any member last logged in a month from today's date and run the procedure once a month.