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Lotus Notes quota automatically changes with use of out-of-office agent


I was playing around with the out-of-office profile, and it appears to me that my database quota was somehow automatically changed! Is there a formal documentation somewhere on how the quota gets changed automatically? Or anyone can explain what happened? I am fairly certain that no one had manually done the change to my quota, and also the changes happened around the time that I was playing around with my out-of-office profile.

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Mail size quota cannot be changed automatically. It should be done using Admin id and in Administration client.

Check your db properties second tab and click on Users. You may get some insight...
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IN addition, the Out of Office may require addition space to do processing and store information for replies, but it should not be significant.

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Thanks for the comments. Apparently, what happened in my case (as I later found out) was that my company has done some in-house customization of the out-of-office agent, such that when the out-of-office agent is enabled, the email quota will be automatically increased, and when the agent is disabled, the quota will be decreased again. The rationale for having such a customization is so that when people go on vacation, their mailbox quotas won't be exceeded and they don't miss out on any mails which would get bounced if the normal quota was hit.

This is the first time I came to know of such a practice and I was initially confused and thought that this is a new Lotus Notes feature.
Glad to here this has been cleared up.

It sounds like a reasonable policy for places that use quotas.

The Out of Office customization sounds very intriguing.  Do you have code you could share, or was this a third-party app'?


It seems you can do someone a favour. Please visit the next question:

TTCTECH wrote in http:Q_21994896.html#0 "Out of Office Quota Toggling":
> Does anyone have any script logic
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Much as I would like to help, unfortunately, I do not have access to the code. I do know that there is a separate database that stores the quota details of the mail databases whenever the OOO profile is activated. The increase/decrease of quota also seems to be taking place every hour. I suspect that the actual code that does this is in another database and not within the OOO agent itself.
Thank you mych,

I guess I'll need to do some more digging on the topic.
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