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Wireless network connecting 3 buildings

Not sure where to post this but here's my question:

What hardware do I need to purchase to have my network shared across buildings?  I have the office where the network resides and my 24-port switch, but I want to allow my other 2 buildings, each about 100-150 feet away, to be able to access the network.

Do I need to get a nice antenna, because the little wireless router we have obviously won't hit that far... And how would I go about setting up such an antenna?  Any brand sugguestions?  And do I need a separate antenna receiver on the other ends?

It has to work well and be very reliable and must be able to secure down.  

What is PoE and how would that help here?  And how do WAP's work?

Please help.  This is kinda frustrating and I can't spend a lot of money (non-prof org.)

Thanks so much!
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I'm using 3 Linksys WRT54GL Routers (alternativly WRT54GS). The routers are quiet cheap (EUR 60,00 - 75,00) but very stable and easy to manage.

With alternative (free) firmware like Hyper-WRT or DD-WRT you can offer Wireless Distribution Service (WDS), where two or more routers get in connection to each other by the WLAN interface.

In my opinion the distance of 150 - 150 is too far for standard equipment (but it's worth a try). There are better antennas for the WRT54GL/GS available (EUR 45,00), but they increase the performance not very much.
Maybe you have to buy special antennas (Yagi, ...) for this purpose.

There are lot's of forums on the internet for the solution with Linksys, and there are many posts here on EE also. If you're interested, i can post some links here.

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Yeah can you post the links?  

How much do you think a Yagi system would cost me?

Thanks so much.
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For such a short distance, and with security a high priority, I’d look into running Ethernet cable between the two buildings unless they are separated by a public road. But if you really want to do it via a wireless solution, some external access points like the ones offered by Linksys should do the trick unless you have a lot of RF interference around there. 

Thanks guys.
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I would reccomend a bespoke system if budget allows it, there are a number of products available I would reccomend from Wavesight UK.

They offer transmission at distances from 100m to 40km.