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how to install and configur DNS in Windows Domain


i have a network with 4 subnets in a domain how should i install and configure the DNS and connect 4 subets into DNS Server

please give me in details
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Could you post a few more details such as the amount of users on each subnet, the geography of each subnet and the connections used between each subnet.  What the infrastructure is at each site in regards to Domain Controllers, exchange servers, ISA servers and existing setup.  Also what type of servers you are running (NT,W2K,W2K3).  
With such a broad question we could just point you to some MS articles, but with a bit more info you could get a specific answer in regards to your setup.

hmmm from your wording i get the impression you think that dns provides connection between does not....its simply name need a route to get different subnets to talk
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this is my question if i get this kind of job then wat should i do and how can i do

thus y i need ur help,

example in a 200 Mtr range we have 4 subnets connecting to one domain windows 2003
In your example best practice would be to set up an active directory intergrated DNS server on your w2k3 box, and then set all of the clients on each subnet to point to this dns server.  And presuming all of the subnets are routed together properly then they should resolve correctly.  
However If you have a high number of users per subnet then you could place a secondary server within each subnet in order to minimize too many resolutions to the single W2K3 location and therefore cut down network traffic.  
If you would like a more detailed explanation then let me know

let me explain it with an example

I have four subnets
and I havea single domain
and I have 2 domain controllers let say both windows 2003 sp1
and 5 memberservers windows 2000 or windows 2003
and 500 client workstations spread across 4 subnets

Then in this case I would install DNS on the two domain controllers and configure both forward look up and reverse lookup zones in the dns

in this case my forward look up zone would be

and reverse lookup zones would be my four subnets

e.g if i have 1 of the subnets as then one of the reverse lookup zone would be 192.168.1.x

if you are not sure how to install dns then let me know.By the way its very simple
you go to control panel-add remove programs-windows components- highlight networking services then click on detail button-then check dns in the list then keep on clicking next
---then you need to insert windows 2003 Cd and then installation would complete after that open dns mmc and then create forward and reverse lookup zones
thanks for reply.          let me ask u a simple question coz i m confuse   question , i have 1 network with 25 users 'no subnett'
on win 2003  i install dhcp and i assign ip address to all users.  
(as u said dns convert name into ip address)   dhcp having all the records of ip address, then how dns ill work name into ip address.   And i install dns but i could understand forward lookup and reverse lookup         note: i never did live praicital on dns. So pls me in details                
dns does not convert name to ip address rather it resolves a computer name to its corresponding ip address.

there is a process(service called dns client that works together with dhcp client service on your client workstations).The name of the process is dns dynamic update so at the time of boot up client workstation sends its name and ip information to the dns server and on the other side dns server receives the dns update from the client workstations and gets them registered as a host record.

A host record on dns  server's forward lookup is computername to ip address mapping record.

there is one more process in which dhcp server does the dynamic update on behalf of the client workstations.But that is true for legacy operating systems like win 98,win me client work stations.

let me know the part where u want help.

if its installation or if its how to set up forward lookup zones,please let me know where do you want help.I will surely help you.
thanks sooraj ( where u from )

i install dns, while i was installing dns its install the AD also,

every thing went through  correct. and install dhcp and gave the ip address. i never did praicit on dns. so i dnt have any adeia abt dns. if u give me the steps then it ill b easy for me to knwo how to setup the forward lookup zone and revers lookup zone, means wat is the use and how it ill work.


Forward lookup zone - Resolves Host names > IP addresses - Uses A (Address) records
   Allows users to enter hostnames rather than IP addresses when accessing network objects
Reverse lookup zone - Resolves Ip addresses > host names - Uses PTR (Pointer) records
   Allows ip addresses to be displayed as host names when accessing resouces
DHCP assigns Ip addresses to your client machines.  Go to DHCP server properties >Use DNS tab to set the DHCP/DNS registration settings. > the DHCP updates the DNS with the IPs it has leased.  So for example Client A uses the IP assigned by the DHCP and is registered in DNS.  Then one day you decide to exclude that IP for static use, so  the DHCP assigns a different IP  The DHCP will then update the DNS that the IP for that A record has been changed.
 DNS is not an easy or small topic, and the above really is dusting over the topic.
I have pasted some links below - I do have some others but I will post them later as I have the links on another computer.

i hope links given by friends are gud.

but in simple words if you want to setup forward lookup zones then open dns management console

one of the methods (open up command prompt type dnsmgmt.msc)

then you wud get dns management console

in that you wud be able to see two folders below dns server name
--go to forward lookup zones folder --right click-select new zone-then a wizard wud come up where u need to enter the name of the domain like and

if you are using windows 2003 then you wud get three options

--all dns servers in the forest
--all dns servers in the domain
--all domain controllers in the domain

by default all dns servers in the domain wud be selected you can keep it that way.

then keep on clicking next till wizard is complete.

after that you wud see + sign next to forward lookup zone if you expand it you wud see name of your domain you wud see a + sign next to your domain ,expand it and then in case of windows 2003 you wud see few folders below your domain

make sure that in the tcp/ip propertie of the network card of your dns server you put your dns server's ip address as prefered dns server

if you have following ip configurations on your dns server

ip address
subnet mask
default gateway

then you should have

prefered dns

and put your isp's dns server ip address in your dns server's forwarder's list.

let me know if you wnat any thing to be explained more deeply and if you want explanation on reverse lookup.
I am from india.
thank u very much for both of u guys,

really its gona help me, still if i need any thing hope u dnt mind to give the reply

sooraj i m also from india but i m working in south africa, if u dnt mind to give me ur cell number / e-mail , if i need any thing then i can call u

thanks a lot

if we have internet connection and install DNS server on network how can i configur the internet connection to the clinet
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