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Insert photo to MS Access Database by MS Access Form

I make a small program like human resource by MS Access. I want to make a form for inserting information about human regard human photo. So how to make that form ( insert OLE Object Photo) to database and display it on the form.
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John Mc Hale
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If you can possibly avoid it, stay away from inserting photos as OLE Objects.

Your best strategy is to store the photo files in their native JPEG format as binary images in OLE Object field of table and write some code to load/save images to table.

You can use an image control to display them.

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if you want to embed the pictures in your Table,
like fredthered said, it is NOT a good idea to save them as OLE objects, but as BLOBS,
the following link show you the steps to store the files, then how to show them:

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I think jaff and fred has pretty much covered the options

But some reading that's good -
For SQL Server or some other decent db, blobs would be the best move
For MSAccess I would go for storing paths, remember access has 2gig limit