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No Drive Letter for USB memory sticks in Windows Explorer

I've got 3 USB memory sticks (Verbatim 1Gb, Mp3 Player 512Mb and a sandisk 256Mb).
I've got an Asus P5WD2 Del board with eight USB ports. The OS is XPPro SP2.

When I plug in the sticks, windows recognizes them (checked that in device manager), but in windows explorer I don't get the drive letter. I've tried to go into disk management (my computer, manage, storage, Disk Management. There I can assign a drive letter. However when opening windows explorer is does not show up the corresponding drive letter!
The weird thing is that if I open a command console I can access the drive!
Start|Run|cmd| <drive letter>:

This happens to all the sticks, I've tried them on other computers and they work fine.

How can I get the drive letter working on Windows Explorer?
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Your Memory Stick might be mapped to a drive-letter which is allready in use. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management-Disk Management and try to change the drive-letter. If you are using alot of Mapped drive try freeing some up.
Check out for corrupt registry entries :)
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registry corrupt entries? Any keys in particular?
Also you might want to see if you could download the newest drivers.

Here is a quick solution, reboot your computer.
How many times must I reboot it? I've rebooted like 5 or 6 times since this began... Stop teasing me.
hey there... do not restart...

do the following:

1. unplug the usb device.

2. delete the following key - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SYSTEM - CurrentControlSet - Enum - USBSTOR

3. restart the server / workstation service.

4. ensure that the plug nad play is enabled / started

5. plug in the usb device

this shud work.

- nilesh.
did it work?

Your problem can be easily resolved by downloading a simple tool distributed by Microsoft. Download TweakUI from their Windows XP PowerToys Website.

Windows XP PowerToys:

After installing TweakUI, open it and go to My Computer-->Drives and make sure that all of the drive letters have a tick next to them.

I hope this helps!

Have a great day,
Hi mattman2340. I've got the tool already. Sorry, Doesn't help.
I've yet to try the solution proposed by nileshroy
nileshroy -> Sorry... did not work!

Hi all.
The problem was because I had installed DAEMON TOOLS, and later I was reinstalled the Windows XP because a mainboard upgrade.
When trying to use Daemon Tools, I found out that it did not work. Had a problem with a sptd.sys (something about a kernel debugger...).
I went to the Daemon Tools pags and saw a utility to solve this problem, it's name is sptdinst_x86.exe.

So I restarted Windows XP in safe mode command line and deleted the file %systemroot%\system32\drivers\sptd.sys"
During boot the system asks me to disable SPTD by pressing ESC. So I did it.
Then I executed this utility and executed it with the add option: sptdinst_x86.exe add

When I rebooted the machine... Eureka, all USB drives were there.... And Daemon Tools is now working again!
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