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1 hour difference between 2 computers

A customer has problems with the time for receiving messages.  When he receives an email, the time is always one hour before the message is sent.  So, when I send him a message from my computer (my time is 11:47), he receives the message immediatly but the time in his message is 10:47, althought, his time on his computer is correct 11:47 and the same timezone (GMT+1) as me.  When he sends a message to me, the time is correct.

Has anyone an idea what this could be ?

Kind regards,
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Pete Long
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do both machines have daylight saving time enabled?
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yes for both computers it's enabled.
Sounds like a problem with the server's timezone.
Viewing the message header might give you an indication which server in the chain changes the timestamp
If I send a message to myself or another computer in my office which goes via the same server I see on my computers the same time.  And they go via the same mailserver.  I've check my mailserver there the time is the same as here. Also GMT+1 and daylight saving time is enabled.
Sorry, I thought the message went outside (since you mentioned a customer).
No idea in that case...
Have you checked Tools - Options - Calendar - Advanced Options - Time Zone is this correct?  Also is their any router/firewall settings on his side that maybe changing the time?
Yes, the message went outside.  We have dedicated servers in the USA. One of them is a mailserver.  So when I send a message, I send via my local ISP, then I see the message arrives on my mailserver in the USA and then I can read my messages via IMAP on that server.

I've tried to send a message from my hotmailaddress to myself and then I have also the same time.  It's also only one customer who tells me that his time is not correct. And there are a lot of other domainnames on that server.

So I guess it should be something with his computer.
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I should check this with my customer.  My Outlook Calender Time Zone is correct.

I think it couldn't be the router because it's only one computer, 3 other computers in the office of my customer have a correct time displayed in their emails.