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Linux Command

I have a few question regarding linux command which I can't found on internet or google

1- Let say i have a file name aaaa1, aaaa2, aaaa3, aaaa4, aaaa5 and so on. i want to delete file aaaa2 until aaaa4 { aaaa2, aaaa3, aaaa4 }. so how to do rm for these file?

2- my monitor screen quite old so the display is not good enough for me to see. sometimes the font appear in dark color. i heard someone can change the color to any color such as green or yellow so it can viewable. how to do that? by the way i using redhat
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3- How to do math calculation thru command line in linux? such as 3*3 = 9
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rm -rf aaa*

goto thems more options
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great...still waiting number 2 answer...thanks Luxana ( i have to split the point if other answer question number 2 )
please help me on question no.2 please
nevermind..still no reply...i will post a new question