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How to prevent messages from sending to Exchange accounts

We're currently running Exchange Server 2003 for calendaring purposes and email storage.  By email storage, I mean that it is simply storing messages from another pop account configured on the outlook client.  Thus we use it as a backup and recovery for email.  We are not using exchange server as a mail server.

Now for the problem.  We have several users using Outlook for their calendaring via exchange server, but using a separate email client to check their mail.  The problem we're running into is when a user using Outlook on Exchange sends a message to someone within the GAL on Exchange, the message is going to that person's Exchange Inbox immediately.  Thus they never see it because they use a different email client to check mail.

The way Exchange is currently configured, if Outlook is not open for calendar purposes, that user can still get that message from another email client as I have a forwarder setup.  However, when Outlook is open it is delivered immediately to their Outlook Inbox and the forwarder never comes into play.

I was wondering if there is a way to prevent messages from automatically going into someone's Outlook Inbox when another user inadvertently sends to that exchange account?  I want someone to have to manually perform a send/receive or check mail to get that message.  Or is there a way to forward all exchange account messages to another smtp server "before" it goes into their Inbox?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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You can redirect mails send to an Exchange mailbox.
To do so, use Active Directory Users & Computers. Open the properties of the user(s). Under Exchange General, select Delivery Options.
Select the address (create a contact for that if needed) to where the mail should be redirected.

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Thanks for your responses.


 I currently have the smtp address of each exchange account as the email address used throughout our university.  Thus allowing the messages to be forwarded to another email client if Outlook is not open.  So when cretaing a new contact it sees that the email address already exists and won't allow me to create it.  Although I fear that even if I change the Exchange SMTP address to something else, and use a forwarder as you mentioned above, that it will still automatically appear in Outlook when open.  Will the forwarder in fact bypass the Exchange account altogether when Outlook is open?  If so, I can change the Exchange SMTP address back to the default, and create the new contacts.


I had read several posts alluding to that same response and it was in fact what I feared.  I've made changes so that messages failed, a la the NDR's you mentioned above.  Althought this tells the user that isn't the correct account for sending messages to, it isn't a user friendly alternative, and ultimately what I was trying to avoid.

 Although an option, we really don't want to use Exchange as a full blown email server as this service is already provided to our department from the university.  We don't have the need or time to troubleshoot any issues that may arrise, whereas right now all email related problems are resolved by a much larger IT unit staffed by the university as a whole.

Are there any other options?
Based on what you have written above, if a client stated the same thing, then I would tell them that they either have to live with the inconvenience or ditch Exchange. You are trying to do something it isn't designed to do.

I guess I don't understand why if a unit is willing to spend the money on the Exchange server and CALs for calendaring purposes and are interested in utilizing some of the additional featuers such as storing email on the server for recovery purposes, that there isn't a workaround.

Thanks again for your insight, we may have to explore other calendaring alternatives.  I'll leave this open for a few days to see if anyone else has an alternative.
If anyone has an alternative "fix" that is, not an alternative calendaring program, we'll check into that.
The forwarder will completely bypass Outlook when set on the user properties (not as a rule in Outlook).
Just make sure that in the recipient policy (if you have one), you don't use the setting "This Exchange organization is responsible for all mail delivery to this address". Otherwise, the forwarded mail won't leave the server.
You would also want to setup an SMTP connector for the specific namespace and point it at your other mailserver.