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Backup Exec 10d mutiple tapes in media set

I have version 10d and 10 each with an autoloader.  On the version 10 it will only assign one tape to a media set and use it until it is full.  On the 10d server it will pull from scatch media even when the previous tape in the same media set is not full.  Currently I have 2 tapes in one media set, two in another, 1 in the last, and 2 scratch, none are full.  Now I'm not an expert in Backup exec so if this is a setting please let me know where.  I just want it to use one tape at a time
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On the media section of Backup Exec, right-click the media set & check what Overwrite & Append protection is allocated to the tapes.  It's quite possible that the backup isn't re-using the tapes because they are still protected.
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The append period is infinate - Allow append.  The tapes are appendaple, it just seems to want to grab multiple tapes per media set instead of using one tape until its full and then grabbing another from scratch media.  This is messing up my rotation.
Create partitions on the Autoloader then assign the job to that partition. This way the job will only pull media from the slot(s) you specify.  
To create partitions Right-Click on the Autoloader in the Devices tab and click on Configure Partitions...
Partitions wouldn't work for me, I need Backup Exec to be able to assign scratch media from any slot when the currently used tape becomes full.
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