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How to upgrade a raid 1 solution?

I have a raid 1 soluion for 80 Gb.
I would like to upgrade the drives to 500 Gb and I would like to do it w/ as little down time as possible.

Would I be able to swap the secoundary drive w/ the 500 Gb drive and let it rebuilt and then change out the primary dirve and still able to use the whole 500 Gb?
Or would I have to use a drive image software to copy drive image to the 500 Gb drives?

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Thanks Rindi

One more question

So I can make an image of the HD and copy it on to the new HD through USB.
Swap HDs and that them rebuild? Or do I need to build the new array first then copy the image on to the new raid?
I'd first build the array, then restore the image. But as this is raid 1 it should also work the other way round. But if you build the array first you'll know if that works OK.
your welcome