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Word 2004 for Mac's


I am finding that with the new Word 2004 for Mac's, I am unable print multiple copies of a document.  If I send a request to print 2 or more copies of anything I only recieve 1 copy.  This only occurs with Word. Printing from Excel I will receive as many copies as I ask for.

I have at least a half dozen users experiencing this issue and there may be more.

I have tried this on mulpile printers.  HP's and Xerox with the same results.

Any thoughts?


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apparently there is an SP2 for it ... are you running that?
link to download is near the bottom of the page.
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We already running service pack 2....
have you tried typing the number in the field for the number of coipies?  
From what I am reading, this hsould be working ... but the references are all saying "type #" in the field, not click a button to increase or decrease the number of copies.  No references to it being a problem but something to try.
something else to check ... check your printer settings.
Its possible that a setting like the print quality set to draft mode or something might be causing it to limit the printing to one copy.

there isn't even an option to click to increase the number of copies.  you must type the number.  so, this is not working.

its not the printer settings, because it only happens in Word.  All the other office apps print multiple copies as do email and web pages.

I am glad that you are firing some ideas out there though.....keep them coming.  I am still baffled.


I know it doesn't seem like the printer settings should affect it but it depends on how the app is set up to work with the printer.
Just because the other MS apps are working right doesn't mean that there isn't a glitch in Word that is picking up on a configuration issue with the printer ... worth checking.  Also plausable since a Word doc is more likely to be many more pages than any other MS app when it comes to printing.

I can't find any settings that make a difference. I have tried printing collating and not collating.  I have tried printing to 3 different types of printers.  I have tried draft quality and high quality.

you have multiple users on multiple machines printing to different printers ... all with the same problem?  Just clarifying.
This sounds like a HUGE bug or a simple configuration item that we're missing ...
If this is a bug then I don't understand why we can't find any reference to it.
Along the same lines, if it is a "feature" then you would expect it to be documented somewhere.

I'm running out of ideas ... and unfortunately do not have a  Mac to look at to test anything out on.

Let me do some more looking.

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Thanks for your help.....I finally just uninstalled office and removed all the preference files and re-installed.  Working like a champ now.

Thanks again.