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my network works one why, but not the other :(

i have a 2 computer, home network. It works fine for FILE SHARING from the old computer to the new (which is named HomePC), but when i try to look at HomePC from the old i am having problems

The new computer is obviously not set up right, but i can't find what i've got wrong.  I can see HomePC when i go to MY Network Places->Entire Network->Microsoft Windows Network->Mshome  (which is my homenetwork name),  but if i try to click on it, i get this error message:
 "Connect to HomePC  Please enter the password",but there is no password to supply.

So what am I doing wrong?

Both computers have XP Pro

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Usually, one way communication is the result of a Firewall running on the system.. so ck this first...

Also, instead of using Network Places (which uses Netbios), just go to the run line and try to access the remote computer..

Start > Run > \\IPaddress (or computername)\sharename (or c$ for the admin root share)

Also, run through my P2P troubleshooting page:

I think one comp has Simple filesharing turned on. Disable that.
Yea, I outline that on my troubleshooting page...  hopefully something there will point to the problem...

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it still happens when i turn off both firewalls.  
HomePC (which i bought surplus from work) has the Guest account renamed NotGuest.  This appears to be the problem
The Guest Account should be disabled...  the reason they probably changed the name was because it is a security nightmare..
BTW:  if it was purchased from work, it should have been wiped clean with a new OS installed...  I would NEVER let any of my systems go without doing this first..  I would get the OS CDrom and reinstall, if I were you..  (and if I was the CIO of this company, and found out that my IT personnel let it go without wiping, I would probably be writing Pink Slips for those employees..  :)
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yes it contains a reinstalled xp that they put on AFTER they wiped it.  I'd gladly pay you a quarter if you found any work related stuf on it.
The Guest account WAS disabled. And renamed.  this was my problem, now that i've renamed it it works ok
Very good!
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