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Test Exchange server setup for multiple companies


I have an Exchange 2003 Enterprise server that I need to setup for 4 companies to use, with the potential to increase to 20 companies (I can add more Exchange Servers if that is the best way to expand beyond 4).  All of the users will be accessing their accounts with OWA only (this is for email/PIM testing only), and I don't require multiple domains -- SMTP addresses will be "", "", etc.  I'm looking for the simplest way to configure the exchange server so that each company can only see themselves in the address book.

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Use permisions for address book. Create one security group for every company. Into the Recipient Section of the ESM create a new address list for every company and filter to have only the users from their security group. After that set the security for every address list so that only the security group coresponding to their company can see it.
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Thanks, The KB article on Virtual Organizations is what I needed.  FYI, this is being built on Virtual Server and is non-production.  I like the KB article's solution except for using Adsitedit to modify the msExchQueryBaseDN, which I will need to do because OWA access will be used exclusively.  Hopefully I will be able to use a command line tool like DSMOD to script the user account modification, because I'll need to do it to 100's of accounts.


I don't know how the change can be done automatically, however there must be a way as the hosters do it. They just don't share how...