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dropdown triggering Change event of another drop down

Hey everyone...

I'm working with VBA within Excel and I have a worksheet with two dropdowns/combo boxes on it.  One lists the sales regions (cbx_region) and another that gets populated with sales reps depending on which region you select (cbx_rep).  So I have a Sub call in the cbx_region Change event that updates the list in cbx_rep, and selects the first item in the list.  My problem is that it works fine when I change the sales region, but for some reason the cbx_region_Change() event gets called when I select a sales rep from the cbx_rep combobox.  And this is screwing up my selection because no matter what I choose from cbx_rep it selects the first rep in the list.  Any clues to why this would be?
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Can't you use the cbx_region 'Click' event instead of 'Change'?
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Put a breakpoint (F8) on the first executable line of the procedure that gets called unexpectedly. When it breaks on the line, you can do View/Call Stack (or Ctrl+L) to see what called it.
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I've done the step by step and I can see that the Region combobox is calling it, even though I click on the Rep combobox.

The call stack shows:


The code is:

Private Sub cbx_region_Click()
    Call updateRepList(Me.Name, True)
End Sub

Private Sub cbx_rep_Click()

End Sub

Public Sub updateRepList(wsName As String, Optional selectFirst As Boolean)
On Error GoTo Err_ShapeDoesNotExist
    Dim cbx As ComboBox
    Set cbx = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(wsName).Shapes("cbx_Rep").DrawingObject.Object
    cbx.ListFillRange = "lists!b2:b" & (getVariable("number of reps") + 1)
    If selectFirst Then cbx.ListIndex = 0
End Sub

This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have the "selectFirst" part.  But I want it to select the first Rep from the Rep list automatically when you select a new region.

Any ideas?
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