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Illustrator: Inset Emboss

I'm fairly new to Illustrator, so that's why I'm asking questions here! I'm looking for a way to do something that I've always referred to as an "Inset Emboss." In Macromedia Fireworks, there is a built-in effect with this very name--it's called "Inset Emboss." In Photoshop, by opening the Layer Style dialog for any given layer and adding the "Bevel and Emboss" feature (with the Direction-option set to "Down"), this same effect is achieved. However, I have no idea how to get this in Illustrator. Thanks.
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Fireworks and Photoshop are paint-type applications for dealing with raster images. Illustrator is a drawing application for creating vector art. Though Illustrator is capable of marrying raster images to the vector art in a single document, it's ability to enhance the raster images is somewhat limited. The effect you are describing deals with subtle adjustments in shade within a particular area of an image and based on the contour of the image. Illustrator's ability to adjust shades are limited to point-to-point and deals more with fixed edges.

You'll find it much easier to achieve your result if you stick with an image editing application such as Fireworks or Photoshop.
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