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Password Issue with Exchange 2003

Hey All,

I have a strange issue on my network. First of all... we are running a mail server with Exchange 2003 and Windows 2003 Server Standard.

The workstations are not connecting to a domain, they are just in workgroup mode.
The workstatikons can connect 100% and work well, so no connectivity issues as far as I know.

Now as to my issue... If I want to make a new profile, I go to Control Panel, Mail and make a new profile, now the thing is this... When I put the new profiles username and click check name, it comes up with out putting in the new accounts username or password, AND it also will download the persons mail without asking for any username and password.

So what I am saying is that even though I dont put in a username and password for the new profile it still can download and recieve mail. It cant send unless I give permission, but it can recieve.

So how do I fix this issue with not allowing users to get other peoples mail?

Does this make sense?

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Hi BigRussian63,

The best way to do this is convert to a domain - that is what Exchange was designed to do, all the permissions are set up based on the fact that the users are logging on to the domain.

I suppose a possible work around would be to try and use RPC/HTTP (even for the workstations, as it requires you to log on), but really, you are fighting exchange with this configuration - personally, I would just convert to a domain and be done with it.

Here is a great guide on RPC/HTTP ->

Hope that helps,

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Hey there Red,

Yes I have seen that before. I will have a look at it. But there must be a way somehow!
There is a way, with a domain :)

How are the users logging on to their workstations?  What kind of permissions and security are you using for file sharing?
okay okay!! :) I get the hint!! LOL!!

But it will be a while before I do that.

As for their workstations, they are the admin of their own system. But as for file sharing they have limited access on the FILE server.
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HAHAHA, dont worry, thats okay. They all login with an admin account, they dont login with the default Administrator account. So they dont see the admin account when they login.

All the workstations have user defined passwords on login, so all different.

Anyway, I will see how it goes... Thanks again red, you are good in your replies.