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Howto convert from ADSL modem to wireless

I have currently a D-Link DSL-300T ADSL Modem. This works fine on my 1Mb broadband, but I am changing in November to an 8Mb service. The master socket is connected to the modem, which is two floors up in my house, by some mult-core signal cable I was given. There must be a good chance this will not work very well at the higher speed.

To re-lay better cable is not an option, so I presume going wireless may be a good option.

If, and as I do not know how it will work, I say only if I need to change to wireless. What will I need? Please use simple terms, I have not looked at wireless before!!!

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OK, I won't be in such a hurry to change things <grn>.

Thinking about it, I will get at least the speed I currently have. Therefore is the thing to do wait, as you said, and do speed tests then. Taking action if the speeds are too low.
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first of all the flexibility of using wireless if for less of cables and ease of using ur computers from any  location. The pitfal in a wireless network is anybody can get into ur network without ur knowledge and cause damage to your computer resources / information.

If ur in US u get HPNA adapters which can utilise the existing internal telephone wiring in the house for connecting computers.

if not u can go for internal wiring with a CAT 5 Cable and use a router to connect all the computers or buy a dsl/adsl modem which has multiple ports to connect computers

The best option would either HPNA or CAT 5 CAble if u want security and cost effective solution.

Wireless would cost u more, reduce the maintenance and space occupied by the cables, but would not be secure.