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Install of new RAID controller in old HP server


I need to add a new RAID controller in an old HP ML350 G2 server. The old card includes graphics and network controller, so the card will still be used, but the RAID controller is wasted.

I need a RAID controller like the SmartArray 641 for RAID5. Is such a new card supported by an elderly server? Does HP or DELL or other server manufacturers have any guidelines on such legacy support, or can I just trust PCI-X support as universal..?

Would I be better off going for a SmartArray 431, which has little or no warranty?

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David Wall
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Does a ML350 G2 have PCI X, also first time I have heard of video and networks on raid controller card!

Unless it was the motherboard of course, will need to check about compatability.


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I agree, it's a strange card... Image:
This card is even fitted in a custom slot brown in color, as opposed to the white PCI-X slots.

I assume those "long" PCI slots with 3 fields as compared to 2 fields for standard PCI are PCI-X slots. Is this not correct?

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That card has a SCSI controller on it, not a RAID controller so you cannot take the disks off that and attach them to a Compaq/HP RAID controller without wiping them and starting again. So saying you can use any of the RAID controllers listed at and a more recent controller ought to work but won't be listed in the quickspecs because they were written before the 6 series came out.

Make sure you have a good backup because you're basically doing a hardware migration when you add a RAID controller to a non-RAID server.