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Activex Download Progressbar

I have a activex component, Currently our dial-up customers have no way of identifying if the component has downloaded or not...

I would like to add a progressbar, that would show what percentage of the CAB file has been downloaded.

Anyideas as to how would I do it ?
Where would I need to download the CAB file ?

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I want to use our own activex component.

make something inhouse

It is possible to do that in VB using timers, however you should use C++ where you have free threading capabilities
how do timers work with the actual file ??

How can I compare the % of file downloaded to the timer ??
You have to post your code in order for me to take a look...
Are you using FTP?
I have no code..

I am supposed to do a proof of concept.

I have an existing .cab file that installs on clients machine.

but the problem with that is, the users get no UI feedback while its in progress... I would liek to do somewhat like what Yahoo does while downloading its messenger

No code? I don't understand... Didn't you stated that you had a vb activeX control?
I have an existing component, but I will be starting from scratch for the progressbar.
here is the idea... its a VB6 activex that will download onto their machine
then it will download a zip file to the clients machine from our website

do the necessary setup on the clients machine and finally quit.

hope this explains what I am trying to accomplish
we decided to go with the standard IE download UI... just give the client an MSI and they can download it fi they want

Smart move. Don't reinvent the wheel.
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