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system running very very slow

I have a win 2003 server that has been completly scanned for viruses and malware but it is running very slow.  the system has lots of available memory and hd space yet it seems to stall for no apparent reason it will stay stuck for say 30 - 40 seconds then start going again.  No prossess seem to be taking cpu power as a matter of fact system idle process seems to take 99% of cpu power when it is stalled

Help Please
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What do you use your server for ?
What applications are installed on it ?

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it is a dc but really only acts as a file server for 4 users and has norton and ewido installed
the files are just excel and word docs
Have you made antivirus exceptions for the DC database?  If not here is a link to look at that tells you what shouldn't be scanned:

Scanning rapidly changing database files can cause the slowdown you've described.  Even if this doesn't fix the issue you're experiencing it's still good to do.

Hope this helps
thanks i'll try it
system has been working for over a year with no problems just this week and nothing has changed

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