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FireFox downloads stop prematurely - all options through Mozilla attempted

Hi all,

I began noticing an extremely problematic issue with FireFox somewhat recently.
I noticed that a vast majority of downloads I attempted through FireFox (v1.5.0.7 [and previously in]) would "hang" at random periods during the download process.
It didn't matter if it was downloading by itself, or along with multiple other files simultaneously.
At one point, I noticed that both IE7 (RC1) and FireFox were having problems loading web pages (ex: blank pages would immediately appear after typing in the URL, "Connection Was Reset" messages would appear randomly, etc.)
I've tried deleting "downloads.rdf"
I've tried clearing the downloaded programs list.
I've tried everything suggested on

So, I decided to fully uninstall FireFox (and manually delete the Profile folder), and perform a clean re-install.  That seemed to have taken care of the web page loading (or lack thereof) problem, but the download failure problem remains.

The problem seems to be confined to downloading .exe files, but that may be a false symptom, since a vast majority of files I download are .exe's.

I've thoroughly exhausted all options alluded to through MozillaZine's articles on FireFox hanging/downloads hanging/web pages not loading.
I've deleted all ancillary themes/extensions, but again, to no avail.

I'm running WinXP Media Center Edition 2005 (w/ Rollup 2)

I have Kaspersky AV 6.0 and ZoneAlarm Pro (paid firewall version) installed.
In that regard, I've tried re-configuring ZA Pro's program database and tried doing a "full allow" w/ FireFox, but to no avail.
I've even set ZAPro to accept "pings" from my ISP - to no avail.

I've tried everything I can possibly imagine.....nothing has worked.

If anyone has ANY ideas/suggestions as to how I can possibly fix this extremely annoying problem, they would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I've actually noticed a similar problem myself, but haven't managed to completely solve it.  At first it happened all the time, but I found that the problem was being exacerbated by another member of my household eating up bandwidth; we limited his downstream connection speed and it helped a lot, although we didn't actually lower it below the download rates he was getting, so he felt no impact.  Our connection was 2meg so plenty fast enough for our needs, I think it was the router simply not allocating the internet connection fast enough, and the downloads would time out after a while.  

Not much of a solution I'm afraid, but if there's any contention for your internet connection (even if you think it's more than fast enough), you could try playing with timeout settings or limiting bandwidth in some way.  Hope it helps!
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Thanks for the information and quick reply.
Unfortunately (in this situation), I don't have someone else using bandwidth from my wireless network/internet connection.

I have cable internet, w/ a Linksys WCG200 router.  This computer is hard-wired to the cable connection/router.  It is NOT connecting via a wireless signal.

I have a separate laptop that very occasionally connects via my wireless network, but it has never been on during my download attempts.
My wireless network has a network key, so I seriously doubt anyone is able to use up any of my bandwidth.
In all actuality, I've had the download manager open at times when I start downloading files, and when the file first starts, it says it's downloading at an absolutely unbelievably fast rate (WAY more than it should be; i.e., at around 1,400k/s).

For example, when I try to download a simple jpeg image, the download is done in less than a second.
When I start larger downloads, it'll start out at around 1,400kbps, but then "normalize" to the speed it should be at (historically speaking), which is around 385kbps).

I have no idea what the issue is.

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I don't know what the hang issue is, but the issue starting off at 1,400kbps I do.

Firefox does not start timing the download until you click "save", however the transfer actually starts before that.  Firefox will accept up to about 1 window size worth of data while waiting for you to click on save.  So if Firefox buffers 32K of data, while waiting and then starts the timer, it received 32K "instantly" which skews the transfer rate for small to medium files.

Do you think this possibly has any bearing on the downloads "hanging"?


You mentioned ZA Pro.  Have you tried this?  Open it's Control Center, hit the Privacy tab on the left, then the Main tab on the top and turn OFF Mobile Code Control.

Does that help?
Yes, the Mobile Code Control setting is - and always has been - turned off.
I actually meant to include this information in my original question/posting.

The skewed download speeds have nothing to do with the hangs.  Firefox/Mozially/Netscape has worked this way for years.  In fact (not that it matters) ftp does simular.

If you can reproduce this at will, I would suggest getting something like wireshark ( and capurating packets and see what is the last thing to go out or come in.

Does this happen for all sites? Or just a specific one?

If you restart the download right away, does it work?

You also mention IE7 RC1.  By any chance did you also test out the previous IE7 Beta's?

Download and run Hijack This
Post the log to this site, hit Analyze, Save the analysis link and post the link's address here at EE.
Wow....alright....I've tried as well in IE 6, IE7 (previous betas), both with inherent IE download "managers" and Internet Download Accelerator (which I've been having for quite some time now) - all situations, the browser page loading seemed to be random (did not load often), and downloads either failed to start altogether, or stopped prematurely.

It does not seem to be an issue inherent to my Firefox installation.
It should be noted that I've run scans for spyware/adware/malware profusely with numerous programs, though I've never found anything abnormal.
I did run Hijack This! and here is the analysis link as requested above:

It seems I get connection errors when trying to visit random web pages (i.e., "The Page Could Not Be Displayed")
These would seem analogous to "The Connection Was Reset" messages I get randomly in Firefox.

Anyway, I've also noticed downloads that hang, both in IE's download interface and Internet Download Accelerator.
In these instances, I either have to cancel and restart the file download, or just close the program altogether.

This happens with random files and random sites.
I can pretty easily reproduce the problem simply by trying to download a larger file (several MB or higher, usually).

What happens when you disable the Internet Download Accelarator?

From Firefox wiki.

The connection was reset
The connection to the server at %address was reset while the page was loading.

    * The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    * If you are unable to load any addresses, check the computer's network connection.
    * If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

For firefox, did you install a Network Tweak extension or meddle about with your About:config regarding the network?
What happens when you try to download something in Firefox's Safe Mode?
The problem is, the Internet Download Accelerator program was never integrated w/ FireFox.

As I stated above, I removed all extensions/themes, and I have never used a speed/network tweak extension w/ Firefox before.
I've tried starting Firefox in safe mode before (again, as I stated above, I tried ALL methods of rectifying the situation through Mozilla before I posted here).

I've never tweaked the about:config settings (only checked them to verify proper functionality, again, as stated by one of the MozillaZine articles).

Thanks, though.
---> It seems I get connection errors when trying to visit random web pages (i.e., "The Page Could Not Be Displayed")
---> These would seem analogous to "The Connection Was Reset" messages I get randomly in Firefox.

---> Anyway, I've also noticed downloads that hang, both in IE's download interface and Internet Download Accelerator.
--->In these instances, I either have to cancel and restart the file download, or just close the program altogether.

Based on this I would say that there is nothing wrong with Firefox, or IE, and that your problem is not related to either one of your browsers.  Either you have:

     some type of malware that is eating up bandwidth in the backgroun
     you have have a connectivity issue between you and your ISP
     you have a bad ISP
     issues/problems with the IP stack on your Comptuer

That's what I'm saying......I don't think the problem is inherent to FireFox.
I've performed Windows Network Connection Diagnostics, etc., though, and all have told me that my connection was working fine.

I've searched for Malware ad nauseum using several programs (as mentioned above), but have not been able to identify anything.
All programs were fully udpated w/ latest definitions, etc.

OK....I think I'm getting somewhere here.

I completely uninstalled both ZAPro and Firefox, then performed full re-installs and allowed FireFox to ask for all permissions throuh ZAPro, etc., etc.

Same dang problems.

Then, I tried shutting down Kaspersky altogether....the problem SEEMS to go away when this is done.
Now, I refuse to go w/o Kaspersky, but I've looked all over their site and Google, but haven't really found anything pertaining to my problem.

I'm going to try it out some feels like progress, but yet another hurdle now in figuring out why Kaspersky could be interfering w/ my internet connection in the first place.

I *THINK* I've figured it out.
The problem seems to be (more and more) with Kaspersky AV 6.0

I really searched their forums/knowledge base and found out a possible solution/cause to the web pages not loading:

First, go to Kaspersky's settings and go to Service->UNCHECK "Enable Self Defense"

Go to Kaspersky's settings->service->network settings->port settings->UNCHECK "General HTTP 80 (port 80)"
--This should fix the problem w/ random web pages not loading at random times

Next, go to Start->Run->regedit
Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\kl1
-Add new DWORD value called:  "PatchOB" (without the quotes)  
(make sure value is set to 0)

I haven't run into the problem yet with a certain file that was a major offender to begin with.
Let's hope it solves both problems once and for all.

Thanks to everyone for all the time spent/attempts to help and all the info.
That is a weird one.
I also haven't heard of many problems with Kaspersky.

Glad it's sorted out and thanks for the solution.  Give it a day or two to confirm your findings, then request a refund of points but please leave this available to others that may have to search for an answer since you seem to have sorted it out.  Let the moderator know in a post here.  Follow the link.
No objections from me.
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