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how do I fix MyBusiness OU?

I moved users out of the MyBusiness OU and the Add User wizard stopped working. After reading several topics in this SBS Topic Area, I now know I made a mistake. How do I fix it?

I moved all items from the Users OU where I had put them back into MyBusiness,Users,SBS Users (the items include contacts, users and Security Groups). Using Server Management, I open an item under Advanced Management/AD and I can view the item's properties. When I try opening the user item under the "Users" item in Server Management, I get 2 errors (80004005 Microsoft Active Directory - Exchange Extension and 80072030 can't find properties).

Have I moved items (especially Security Groups) into the correct OU?
Is there any automated repair utility that heals exchange issues?
Is there documentation of the AD structure for SBS 2003?

Many thanks.
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P. S. moving the objects back to the proper place should resolve the errors you are seeing.

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Thanks, Jeff. The server has been installed for a while, but reinstalling it may be feasible and desireable.
After I moved the users back into the correct OU, it still failed to allow me to open users correctly in the Server Management version of Users - but then I created and deleted a dummy user, and suddenly the Server Management version of Users was working (so apparently running the Add Users script successfully healed something.)

I still have an issue with permissions: when I create new users, they are unable to share contact folders (whereas older users *can* share the folders). How do I fix permissions?

Also, does Exchange's RUS run on SBS? (I assume yes.) Might that be automagically repairing the OU issues?
When you are creating new users, what user template are you using?  Did you create a different security group for your current users that they are a member of?  If so, you can create a new default user template that includes that security group (I'd do this rather than modify the current default user template so you have something to go back to just in case).

RUS does run on SBS.  But you can easily move the permissions issue along a bit quicker by using the Change User Permissions wizard.  Just reapply whatever user template that is appropriate to your users... this will fix most permissions issues.