Kingston Data Traveler 2 Gb driver for Windows 98

hey there,
i have a Kingston Data Traveler 2 Gb  that i want to use on windows98 PC's.
So i went to their website,and downloaded the DTI.exe file, which should be the correct driver.
and it installs as such, without problems : it creates folders and files, updates the database, asks for rebooting.
But then, when i plug in the stick --> windows installer starts. pointing it to the right folders  get the message could not find driver.
Inspecting the folder shows 2 files installed :
but both are listed as 0 bytes. i looked into different files like that, but most were for Sony flash sticks
Contaxct with Kingston gives "no windows 98 support"

Here my question : does anybody have the correct driver, or files ?
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Is there a reason why Kingston states they have discontinued Win98 support for their later USB drives?

Otherwise, you can try
nobusAuthor Commented:
thanks for the speedy response, callandor; but i have this one :  DTI/2GB 2GB* USB flash drive (2.0)
i would not know why they stopped the support, and put anon working driver there
i'm gonna try some of the ones on driverguide now, hope it helps, but i doubt it.
a lot of companies have discontinued Win98 support for their products because Microsoft stopped support for Windows 98 :P
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nobusAuthor Commented:
none worked - :-((  keep looking guys.
nobusAuthor Commented:
Yes i did. and all usb ports are working with 2 different usb sticks, and i tried it on 3 different win98 PC's.
And of course the stick works fine on XP systems.
After doing some research, it seems that you may be looking in the wrong place.  Start looking for a Win98 USB 2.0 driver for the chipset on your motherboard...  VIA, SiS, etc.

This is a good source of some more information:

nobusAuthor Commented:
as said, itried on 3 different PC's
Well, the ones with Windows 98 need Windows 98 USB 2.0 drivers for their motherboards.  In addition to what you've already got, which is Win98 USB 2.0 drivers for the device itself.
nobusAuthor Commented:
why would they need usb 2.0 drivers for usb 1 ports? all 3 pc's have usb 1.0 ports, and work fine.
Try downloading this file:

You have to extract it to a folder (create a NEW folder) using Winzip.

Then plugin the flash drive and the wizard will try to locate a driver.

Point it to the folder where you extracted the file above, reboot and the flash drive should now be there as a removable drive.

Good luck,


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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Are the computers involved running Windows 98 Second Edition?   Every USB driver I'm aware of for Windows 98 requires Second Edition => NONE work with the original Windows 98.
you're using a USB 2.0 device are you not?  WinXP can easily detect a USB 2.0 device in a USB 1.0 drive, but I seriously doubt Win98 has the technology for that, since USB 2.0 didn't exist when Win98 SE was built.
>>You have to extract it to a folder (create a NEW folder) using Winzip.<<

Don't try running the file. It will not run as it requires Win98SE.

You MUST extract it as explained above.

dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Try the blue_zee link above. Recommended.

Some of these do work with Windows 98, the original Windows 98.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
r.e.  "i have this one :  DTI/2GB 2GB* USB flash drive (2.0)"  ==>  clicking on your link; and then selecting the Datasheet for that drive, you get this note:

"Win NT, Win 95, Win 98, Win98SE, Win ME              Not Supported"

... that may very well explain why it doesn't work :-)
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
The blue_zee link contains drivers for USB devices that are NOT supported in Windows 98.

The author of the pack has transplanted Windows 2000 drivers into a pack for Windows 98.  This pack may do the job.

I have "non-compatible" flash drives working well in a couple of Win98 systems and using the driver package posted above.

Not sure they will work for this drive, but there is a good chance they will too.

But nobus must test them and tell us if they helped, or not.

nobusAuthor Commented:
ok  - trying to give some backfeed :(like it or not)
-all pc's are Windows 98SE - i omitted that one in my post, sorry
-Gary, as usual you see more things than i do :"Win NT, Win 95, Win 98, Win98SE, Win ME              Not Supported"
and i agree, but why do they post for the same model the link to the DTI.exe driver for windows98
-i will try blue zee's one and post back.
glad i see such "names around on my post - where is Billdl btw ? gets bad points . . .


If they are Win98SE, just run the file, no need to extract.


And I'm guessing they are all English versions of Windows..??

nobusAuthor Commented:
no, all are dutch versions


They may not work and there is no Dutch version: German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Slovenian... but no Ducth!

Worth trying anyway, with slightly less hope they will help.

There is also an updated INF file:

Use only after installation of the NUSB 2.2 !
To install copy the file USBSTOR.INF to the hidden catalogue WINDOWS\INF\ replacing the old file.

Fingers crossed.

nobusAuthor Commented:
Zee - you are da man !
i thought different first --> (you are da woman), when i installed it, since it would not boot first, then booted into safe mode - but hen - it updated the driver database, went looking for the drivers, accepted them - and the flesh drive is now accessable.
i only have to find out which driver i installed last (i tried so many without result)
--> checked it : it was a Sony driver , here the dokhdc.inf file :
; MDOCHDC.INF  -- install for USB IOS mapper
; Copyright MSystems
; Version




;MSystems-manufacturer device list
;MSystems Driver Installation Sections

AddReg = IOSMAP_AddReg


HKR,,DriverDesc,,"SONY Storage Device Driver"
DefaultDestDir = 12             ; IOSubsys directory
USB_IOS_MAP.DeviceDesc="SONY Storage Device Disk Driver"
DISK1="SONY Storage Device Installation Disk"
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Glad it's working ... I suspected it might, since the fundamental function of flash drives has not changed since Kingston changed their site to say '98 was "not supported" ==> I'm sure that's just a CYA statement so they don't have to worry about it anymore, since (as noted earlier) Windows 98 is no longer a "supported" OS.


I should have suggested a driver cleanup before installing that package and you wouldn't have to go through that hickup...

Anyway, yupppieee...


nobusAuthor Commented:
yes guys thanks for the help; i will test it to have the right driver and protocol, and assign points probably in a day or 2.
The only thing i feel bad about is that i knew that file, tried many things , except that . . .
nobusAuthor Commented:
ok - cleanup time :
Everything works fine : before, i had to install 2 separate flash drive drivers on my win98 systems, now only the generic one; and all work ok.
So ...the winner is . . . as you know : Blue Zee

Thank you, nobus.

Glad it worked for you too.

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