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pop3 keep changing its info (values)

I have 2 accounts setup in outlook. one is local account, and the other is pop3 outside the local is the first and the default.
the problem is when I reboot the computer it changes the values for pop3  for the second account to the local host -same as the first default account. and it adds to the username "\localhost" -same as the first email account.

how can I prevent this?

both pop3 accounts on winxp pro. please through any suggestions that might help and will spilt the points.
thanks you.
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No I can't access the email with the changes, only if I change them back.
Disable the antivirus and/or antispam email check, see if the settings hold.
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I will check you suggestions and let you know
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I deleted both accounts and just created the second account and reboot.
The values for the
user name:      

both changed back to what was the first account pop3 and user name even though it was deleted.
any other ideas? thanks!
You have your account setup somewhere else?  Group Policy?  Antivirus program? Spam program?  Check the settings. Disable them.
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No spam, checked AV nothing there in the settings. where to check in the GP.
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where does outlook keeps accounts settings. So I might be able to make a login script that copies those back at login. Thanks
Outlook keeps its settings in the registry

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook