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The best movie-to-flash convertor

Hi X-perts,

What is the best quality software to convert movie (avi, mpeg etc) to flash (swf and fla)?
I am testing SwiSH video2, but have found a few other packsges like Sothink and CofeeCup. What is your experience and what is the absolutely top convertor?

So far, the quality of SWiSH convertor is very poor...

Also, I am not sure about the correct way of incorporating movies into flash:
1) convert avi or mpeg directly to swf (using on of the convertors)
2) convert avi to flv and next import flv as an object to the stage. Probably, this wil provide better buffering

Please, advise.


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I would covert the files using Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder. Then you can use the FLV and store it on a server and keep ure .swf file sizes down.

This is just my view.
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Is Macromedia Flash 8 Video Encoder better than QuickTime Pro? I have just tried to convert 500mb avi file and it takes ages...
Also, could you pleae, comment on the video deploying modes when importing flv to flash:
1) progressive download
2) stream from flash video stream
3) stream from flash comm server
4) embedding into swf - this is out of questions for large movies anyway
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Also you wont need any codecs apart from the inbuilt microsoft ones. which is also bonus, as with .avi you would have to have quicktime installed. So this would keep your userbase larger.