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Is there a way/product that can take the streaming video played in Windows Media Player, and turn it into a mpeg file?  When I try to Right Click on the link and "Save Target As", it only saves a .html link or something like that.  

For example, I go to then SaveTargetAs, it prompts me to save the .html file, not the actual media file, which I'd like to save as a mpg file on my hard drive.

What is the best, easiest, and more affordable way to do this?


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Hi Johnstonf,

If you have mozilla firefox browser, you can install VideoDownloader Firefox Extension to download video in flash video format. (.flv). This is the only format available for downloading. Thereafter, you can view .flv by installing a flv player.

Back to after installing VideoDownloader Firefox Extension, there is an icon on the bottom right hand corner, click on that to begin downloading the video.

If you wish to convert flv video to other formats like mpg, avi, etc or even mp3 (for audio only), you can install

If you wish to install mozilla firefox, go to
To download VideoDownloader Firefox Extension ! (29-4-06), go to
To install flv player, download from

Hope the info is useful to you.


WOW, that is an amazing amount of great info in a short few words.  Many thanks!
Hi Fred, you're welcome.

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