Quantum PX502 Robotic Library Not recognized by SCSI card

We recently have tried to install a robotic library into our environment.  It is a quantum PX502.  We have it hooked up to a HP ML370 server via a Adaptec SCSI Card 29160 -Ultra160 SCSI.  On boot up, it will hang (after it detects all the drives in the raid controller) at Slot 05, Channel A, ID 02.  

In Cntrl A - the scsi tool - I noticed that ID 2 and 3 showed the Backup drives in the library, and 7 showed the scsi card.  I did not find the robotic library.  The library is set to ID 1, as we can change the ID's of the robotic library and the harddrives.  I've changed the numbers to 0,1,2 2,3,4  and 3,4,2  All of which only showed the Tape Drives and Not the robotic Libary.

When i Shut down the Robotic Library, The server will boot up.

Not that it matters, but the server is win2k.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially since it is a saturday and i am here in the office!  Thanks in advance.

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stconairAuthor Commented:
Also - nothing else is hooked up to this SCSI card.  The Raid Controller is a different card, and we have two fibre cards for a SAN attached.
Oh boy where do I start... Well we have 2 of these units currently and have had problems since day 1. When I had the problem you are having they sent me a new controller board for the unit which fixed that issue. Since then between the 2 units I hae replaced 4 controller boards and the techs came to replace 2 pickers and then an entire chassis. I would call up quantum (I hope you still have a support contract) and they will run you through a few tests. They will make you reconnect all cables, make sure the firmware is v14 maybe a few other things and then will hopefully just send a tech out with the controller for you. The PX502 in my opinion and in the opinion of the techs I talked to shouldn't have been released yet. I had a Quantum M1500 run for 3 years without a single issue which is why we went back to Quantum and since day 1 all I have had were headaches. Good Luck!

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Oh 1 other thing try changing the emulation type on the library to P2000. After that powercycle the library then let it come back up. Then powerup the server. Also make sure the library and the 2 drives all use different SCSI  ID's
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Sorry... also if you are using the 29160 as the RAID controller for the hard drives in that server odds are it will not work. You will need another controller and disable the RAID options. I am just trying to remember everything and I haven't had my coffee yet.
stconairAuthor Commented:
not using it as a raid controller, and using all different scsi ID's.  
Thanks for sharing your experience.. hopefully we wont have such bad luck with this thing... We will call quantum and keep you posted!
stconairAuthor Commented:
Im sorry, it isnt abandoned.  The resolution was a replaced card in the tape drive itself and Tripplite cables because they are thin enough to work correctly for this unit.
Points go to Simsjrq for the assistance.
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