Mixing PHP site with ASP

I have a site that was developed in PHP.  I have some functionality in an older site that was written using classic ASP.  My plan is to include some of the ASP pages into the new PHP site.  Is this OK.  Is there any gotchas or anything else I should be aware of.  I am running this on W2K3 Server with IIS.

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It should be fine as long as your server supports both and as long as you call the .asp pages directly. I don't think it's possible to mix both in 1 page...

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Calling the pages, seperatly is possible, however clean your code and make sure all php starts with
not just

Doing includes with ASP is NOT really possible, there are a few 'emulators' avalible, however non that I have tested are worth it, far to buggy.

If it is possible for you, then keep the pages seperate.

Hope this helps

BillPowellAuthor Commented:
Im not sure what you mean.  Several of my asp pages use includes, but I do not plan to mix php and asp in the same page.  Its only my intention to call asp pages from php and vice versa.
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Thats fine, what i mean is you can't do this




I know it is silly but people do try that!

Then that should not be a problem...
BillPowellAuthor Commented:
Thats what I figured.  Thanks.
You're welcome :)
No problem
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