Workstation Inventory - Help Needed

Greetings all!  Here's the scoop:

I need to perform a basic inventory our workstations.  We've got upwards of 500 boxes across our various facilities.  The info I need for each box is as follows:

- The Model (e.g. Optiplex GX800) and serial number for each workstation
- The Serial Number (and model number if possible) for each monitor.
- The workstation name and the username of the individual to whom the system is assigned.

That's it!  Like I said, it's a small amount of basic info I need.  My first attempt at a solution proceeded thusly:

- I downloaded version 3.93 of AIDA32.
- I placed the extracted AIDA32 directory on a network share to which all users have read-access.
- I created a custom RPF file to make sure the report pulls only the info I need.
- I created a simple batch file which copies the contents of the AIDA32 directory to each users' "%systemroot%\System32" directory (for speed and future use) and then runs a custom report which is saved to another network share (to which all users' have write-permissions).

In my initial test this arrangement worked fine with the exception of the workstation serial number.  The only field where this data is present is the DMI field for the Chassis but for some reason I can't get my reports to display any DMI info!

Next I downloaded the Corporate Edition of "Everest", which replaced AIDA32.   Upon running a manual report I was pleased to find the aforementioned problem resolved.  "Everest" generated a report that contained all the data I require.  The problem is that I can't get it to work with a batch file!  The same procedure that worked perfectly with AIDA32 does not work for "Everest" for some reason.  For those of you familiar with Everest and/or AIDA32 here's the text of the batch file I created:

"Everest /r /custom \\C1-v6it-server\v6it\Inventory\Everest\Custom1.rpf /HTML /SILENT"

That *should* run the program and cause it to generate a custom report (in HTML format)  in accordance with the parameters specified in "Custom1.rpf".  Instead I get a DOS window that flashes for a second and then disappears and no report file is generated.  I've made a post requesting help to the "Everest" support forum but I wanted to hedge my bet here as I need to get this inventory done ASAP. light of all this I'd be very appreciative of any thoughts on how I might best accomplish my goal of quickly/automatically generating a report (or series of reports) that provides the info I need as indicated above.   I need to rely on free solutions at this point so whether it's AIDA, Everest, or some other solution, I will be greatly appreciative of some guidance. Incidentally, I also tried "System Info" (SIW.exe) and that does grab all the requisite info but the resulting HTML files are quite large since you can't limit the report to only the info needed.  If no other solution is forthcoming I'll have to go ahead and use SIW but I'm hoping a better strategy is forthcoming.

I should point out that none of our workstations are part of a domain and that they're all part of a Netware Forest.  I know that it should be easy to generate the info I need using ConsoleOne but our LAN admins are, let's just say, not particularly industrious so one way or another this will fall on me...a lowly tech!  If a workable solution is not forthcoming in short order then myself and one other tech will have to visit each and every workstation and manually compile a report.  That would pretty much suck.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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So, are you willing to try yet another inventory program?

I've got an application that's very similar to Everest/AIDA32 that you might wanna give a try.   It's called SOSOS and is available as VB.Net source code (so that means you'll have to have somebody with Visual Studio compile it for you).

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psych0nautAuthor Commented:
Well, I was able to run AIDA via login script and that worked well enough.  Still had to resort to sneakernet  for some assets but on balance it worked out OK.  Thanks for the suggestions and GRAYE, I've bookmarked your proggy for future use and to play around with as time permits.  Next time I need to inventory Snoop Dawg will be in da house!  ;- P
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