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How to prevent opening of new windows(or forms) at runtime when OpenNewForm(newItemForm etc) button is clicked.

Can any one tell me how to prevent to open many windows(or forms) when i click on OpenNewForm(newItemForm etc) button repeatedly, i want, only one window(or form ) should open  although i click it several times.
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Gautham Janardhan

k...if Form1 is the parent form from where all ur windows are called what u could do is

declare all the Form in the form1 class like

public class Form1:S.W.Form
Form2 MyForm2;
Form3 MyForm3;
Form4 MyFrom4l

private void button1_click(object sender,System.Eventargs e)
if(Myfor2 == null || MyForm2.IsDisposed)
MyForm2 = new Form2();
//Similarly for all other forms
if ur forms access is spread throyughout the app then the best way would be to

maintain a list of all the open forms ..(add ur forms to an Hastable or something every time) and before opening a form check whether the form exists in the HashTable if so get the object from the table and show()
Actually gauthampj I disagree if access is spread throughout the app the best way is to implement the pattern I pointed to above.  This way you don't have to "maintain" anything it all just works.  

However, if Form1 is the parent object then I would agree with you.