gateway through dialup adapter

I have a computer connected to Internet through a dialup adapter and adsl connection. On that computer there is a software that serves as DNS gateway.
In my local network there is another computer with DNS server that forwards all requests to this DNS gateway if it cant resolve ip address.
Now, I use IE on another computer in my LAN which gets IP address and DNS server address from DHCP server but I cant surf from that computer
When I try to ping say I get its IP address but "request timed out" When I do the same thing from the computer with a dialup I get standard response message. What should I do to be able to surf from any other computer in the LAN, obviously I want to use computer with dialup as a gateway
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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
So, how is this LAN set up?  Kinda sketchy on your LAN diagram...  

Internet < -- > DSLModem < -- > Computer with adapter? < -- > ?

What is serving as DHCP server?
BobSamonikAuthor Commented:
Computer with Dialup is part of LAN, I dont have routers
DHCP server is on the same computer as DNS server so they both are part of LAN
BobSamonikAuthor Commented:
Computer with dialup should serve as a gateway to internet
As I was writing this it occured to me that I need NAT software.
Requests from lan computers probably leave my LAN but when response comes gateway doesnt know to which lan computer it should forward it.
I was dealing with this a while ago and I found NAT in 602LANSuite (or something like that) but it was blocking (or was blocked by) proxy server on the same computer. I use proxy to acces internet from LAN. I guess I should drop proxy in favour of NAT
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
absolutely..  this was one of my concerns, and why I did not understand your predicament.  I assumed since everything appeared to be running through one computer for WAN access, that you had installed ICS on this computer, and it was serving as DHCP / DNS server (2 NICs, one outside, one inside) and doing the NATing for you...  but the configuration alluded me...

Personally, I would just get a router and let it do your NATing for you..  an inexpensive solution that works in a proven way..


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