Open GL program with specific zoom/stretch features

I’m looking for a high-level Open GL program for Windows XP Professional that has the following capabilities:

•      I’d like to zoom anywhere on the desktop (not just within a specific program)
•      I’d like to zoom (stretch) the horizontal axis while leaving the vertical axis unchanged
•      I’d like to be able to define and save specific zoom windows that are accurately size and position defined

If you know of such a program, would appreciate hearing from you.  If you’re a programmer, I would especially appreciate your feedback.


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Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:

OpenGL doens't support window management this way. BTW, doesn't support windowing at all, as it pass to the operating system (Microsoft Windows or Unix+Xwindow) how to insert the console into a window. To do the interface between OpenGL and operating system, on use the GLUT, an auxiliary library, non-OpenGL standard library. Anyway, the control over the desktop and windowing management remains at O.S. level.

What you expect for is at Windows level. A program with such features would be inside or very much integrated to Windows, by using Windows API.

About Windows API, its published functions, available in the Platform SDK, aren't the same which Microsoft developers use. Public and free Windows SDK are a subset of whole functions MS Windows has. So, to develop an efficient application as you are looking for, we need the same API Microsoft developers use.

What is feasible, by using OpenGL, is a fullscreen application with its own complete environment including large icons (256x256, for instance) to permit zooming, etc., by using the 2D features of OpenGL. Anyway, it is an application on top of Windows.

In direct response to the question, I don't know such program. About developing it, my previous comments decribe my feeling on the complexity and weakness for a program if not develop by Microsoft.


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