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DHCP Event ID 1014

Hello I'm getting event ID 1014 on my DHCP server.  Can someone walk me through correcting this one? I found a few different articles on this but I don't know which one I should be using.

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Bradley Fox
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What is the source of this event?
What is the text that comes along with the event too?  Can you paste the entire event here?
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Pete Long
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Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      DhcpServer
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      1014
Date:            10/6/2006
Time:            2:56:01 PM
User:            N/A
Computer:      BRENDA
 The following problem occurred with the Jet database -1032:  Jet database read or write operations failed. If the computer  or database has just been upgraded, then this message can be  safely ignored. If this message appears frequently, either there  is not enough disk space to complete the operation or the database  or backup database may be corrupt.  To correct this problem,  either free additional space on your hard disk or restore the  database. After you restore the database, ensure that conflict  detection is enabled in DHCP server properties. For information  about restoring the database, see Help and Support Center.  Additional Debug Information: JetBackup.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
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Did you check to make sure that C:\ hasn't filled up?  How much free disk space is there for C:\?

Do you have a backup of this server?  You may have a corrupted Jet database if it isn't a disk space issue.

Agreed - If simply removing the backup old database doesnt resolve the issue then - I would document my DHCP settings (scope, scope options, reservations and Exclusions) then remove and reinstall DHCP unless you have a very complicated DHCP setup this is no more than 15 mins work and (providing there is space on C:) will definately cure the problem.

This is due to DHCP DB corruption.You can very simple recreate the DHCP Database. Nothing will happen to your config.
Check the above artcile which will guide you in recovering from this issue