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File Permissions on Win2K3 Server

I cannot save files from a client PC to a Win2K3 server.  The target folder on the server has permissions for both the "Everyone" group, and for my personal domain account ( which has Administrative rights) set to "Full Control".  

The Win2K3 server is joined to a Windows domain.  The Windows domain operates "underneath" a Novell network.  The server has no Novell components installed.  

The client PC's have Novell clients installed, and are joined to the Windows domain.  When I login on a client PC, the Novell client logs me into both the Novell network and the Windows domain.  From the client PC, I am able to drill down through My Network Places\Entire Network\Microsoft Windows Network\Domain Name\Server Name and see the folders and open them.

The same problem exists if I map a drive to the target folder.

The client PC's have either Win2K or WinXP installed.  The client PC's and the Win2K3 server have all MS Critical Security updates through Sept. installed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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^^ Correct this is a big "Gotcha" if you are used to Server 2000 which created Everyone> Full control by default :)
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1. just like "mcsween" say, add the directory security permission.
2. if you already add the directory security permission,please go back to share permission and add the "domain users" for full control.

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For the record, none of the above suggestions resolved my problem.
Have you tried changing the providor order in the advanced network settings?  Usually when you install Client32 it will make the Novell the first providor, I always switch this back to "Microsoft Windows Network."  Also make sure TCP/IP is first in the bindings order.

RC My network Places, properties
Click Advanced, Advanced Settings...
FYI: In the future if you need more help then please do not wait 40 days to post and let us know you are still having issues.