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what does "cc file.c -lm" (the -lm) part do?


i have been trying to compile a file that looks like this:

#include <math.h>

int main(void)
   double un2 = ceil(3.23923);
  return 0;

all day long.  i was compiling using cc file.c, but i kept getting an error that said "
undefined first referenced symbol in file ceil file.c.  ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors. no output written to a.out

but once i tried doing: cc file.c -lm, it works fine.  why?  What is the secret?  And, is there something important that i am missing? (i am a newbie to c)

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Hi alexthecodepoet,

-lm links to maths library


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alexthecodepoetAuthor Commented:

thanks for the prompt reply! i really appreciate it.

would you mind expanding a little bit more please?  I know what linking and libraries are, but what are some things that i should be aware of?

Will i have to do -la -lm -lX -l?? for every include file?  Or, is -lm a blanket for all of them?

Is there a better way to go about solving this?

-l flag means link to
m denotes the maths library ...

Linking to library has nothing to do with include file .. both are very different things ..

You are by default linked to glibc .. Hence you do not need explicit linking flags for printf etc. Hpwever, definition for maths functions such as ciel floor etc are part of separate maths library which needs to be linked explicitly ...

You cannot link to random alphabets .. libraries have fixed names ... e.g. if you were to use pthreads library, you will have to use the flag -lpthreads

These libraries are configured through the /etc/ld.so.conf file
alexthecodepoetAuthor Commented:
oh, i see, well thanks!
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