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RAID setup error

Hello, I have an error trying to setup raid on a new server. I have a Supermicro PDSM4/E  motherboard which I need to install a RAID 5 on that has no current operating system. I am going to use XP Pro as the OS since I will be having only 5 computers in a workgroup. Anyway, as I'm installing the OS, I go to F6 to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver and insert the driver floppy for the Intel (R)82801GR/GH SATA RAID controller. I pick this from the list, since the manual shows to pick this one, and I receive the following error:

FILE iastor.sys caused an unexpected error (4097) at line 2113 in d:\xpsprtm\base\boot\setup\oemdisk.c

The controller fails to load. Don't I need to install this RAID before I actually install Windows XP Pro?
Does anybody have any clue to what's needed here?
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What I thought, link backs up to pick boxes.  This one ought to work:

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Is this a SuperMicro or a generic whitebox server?  If it's SuperMicro, what model?
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I have found the driver from the mfg ftp site through the first link that Willcomp sent, in a round about way. I will unzip this file and copy it on a new floppy and try to see if it works. I'll have to do that later this evening to see if it works. I thought it may end up being that floppy...stupid things are easy to corrupt.  This is a SuperMicro server, model number is pd945. Thanks for the feedback.
I would agree with willcomp here; the best solution is to get a new driver disk.

If that doesn't work though, I would try another floppy drive/cable, and then go with memory check.
May want to create a diskette using file from Intel site as well.  That file will create the diskette for you.
By the way; if a new diskette doesn't do the trick, you are correct that next step is another floppy drive.  The times I've seen similar problems, cause was corrupt driver files, incorrect driver files, or bad diskette.  Floppy drive could also be the problem.  Seriously doubt that it's a memory problem.
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The floppy was corrupt. Everything went smooth as silk after I used the new file. Thanks